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Snow College | Alumni

Suzanne "Suzi" Peck Bullock - 1986 Alum 


1. Where are you currently employed?
I am a currently a full time (and after-hours)
wife and mom!  I have four kids: McKenzi (18), Sidney (14), Jake (12) and my sweet little angel Bailey who passed away at age 4 frommeningitis.  Sidney and Jake have some health issues that require daily care, treatments and quite a bit of mommy-management so I am very busy… always wishing I had some of myformer Snow College energy back!  That being said, marrying a great guy and having amazing kids are the best things I have ever done in my life.

2. What are your hobbies?
I LOVE sports, movies and keeping in touch with friends. I also LOVE to notice and laugh about the funny little things that happen every day. I think my all-time favorite thing to do is write and record music.  I love to write about life’s experiences and my feelings about God.  I have really enjoyed sharing my songs with family, friends, church, and youth/community groups.  Music is such a gift and has brought a great deal of peace, comfort and healing to me and to our family--especially after the loss of Bailey. I have written a lot of songs about her and enjoy donating them to the local and national "Compassionate Friends" bereavement group. This helps keep her spirit and memory alive and keeps me sane.

3. How did Snow College contribute to your accomplishments?
While I was at Snow, I loved performing with Ascension and LD Singers.  Our great Directors Judy Morgan and David Wilmore taught us a lot of things about singing/performing. Most importantly, they showed us that we could have tons of fun doing it. I would encourage everyone to get involved in one of the great music programs at Snow.

4. What is your most memorable moment at Snow College?
The flour and water fight with Nuttall Hall… 25 years later I'm still pulling paste out of my hair!

5. What additional information would you like for other alumni to know about you?
I am VERY grateful for my time at Snow College and for the slow pace but fast/lasting friendships we made that continue to this day.  I wouldn't trade those memories for anything. I'm very grateful Facebook has helped me re-connect with so many friends from Snow. It's great to reminisce and rekindle old friendships and be able to be there for each other through the good/bad times we're having right now.  It’s amazing that so many BIG and wonderful things came from such a small town! ---- Live Long and Prosper fellow Badger Buddies!


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