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Snow College | Alumni


Larry Nielson - 1956 Alum

    1. Where you are currently employed?

I am a professional artist, specializing in painting images of animals, cowboys, and Native Americans on pieces of barnwood.

    1. What are your hobbies?

      Art, Music, travelling, and a special connection to the south sea islands-as I served a mission in Samoa and returned years later to help restore the home of Robert Lewis Stevenson. I also enjoy the American West and Native American History.

    2. How did Snow College contribute to your accomplishments?

Because of Snow College, my careers in music and art were launched. The impressive small college gave individual attention and encouragement that I couldn't have received at a large school. The faculty and student connection was profound; Teachers were like family. Harry Dean believed in me and was encouraging to pursue my vocal career. Harrison Groutage-only taught at Snow for one year and went on to become a famous oil painter, he had a sensational influence in art-and helped me achieve my career goal of becoming a professional artist.  

    1. What additional information would you like alumni to know about you?

It's an honor to see the full circle of Snow College, and witness how strong and positive the presence is of this historic college. The vision is self-evident.  





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