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Alumni Spotlight

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FEB 2016

Kodey Hughes

Kodey Hughes - 2001 Alum

Superintendent of Tintic School District 

Superintendent Hughes was featured in a recent Salt Lake Tribune article: Former special ed student now leads Utah school district.

What are your hobbies?

I like to keep busy performing in several musical groups. For example, I play the jazz trumpet in one band, and play the drums in a band called "Superintendents of Rock." I also like to help a local high school with their wrestling program.

How did Snow College contribute to your accomplishments?

When I came to Snow, I hadn't selected a major, I just knew that I wanted to play music. In doing so, I met some great professors in the music department and was introduced into the world of education. I decided to become an education major because of the influence of that experience and how it affected me. I came from a very small school. Snow College is small, but seemed big to me. Campus life was inviting, the sporting events and other activities on campus opened a whole door of life to me and the way I looked at the world.

What is your most memorable moment at Snow College?

I have a lot of great memories at Snow College such as True Badger night, and stomps and dances at the old gym; but two experiences were truly life-changing for me. I was selected to be the student director for the Jazz Ensemble when we traveled to CA for a competition. Then, there was the European tour with the orchestra. Dr. Mark Ammons, Dr. Libor Ondras, and 50 kids in Europe! What an experience for a kid from a small town!

What additional information would you like other alums to know about you?

I am still a teacher, even though I am a superintendent. It's the best 3 hours of my day! I would encourage anyone who goes into administration to continue to teach. Every year is a challenge to fight with the legislation to keep the focus on the students. Teaching helps you keep that perspective. I am also currently in a doctoral program for eduational leadership. I believe it is important to continue your education.

What advice would you give current Snow College students?

Really value the college atmosphere Snow provides to you. Students who are online or travel long distances to school are missing that essential element. Entrenching yourself in the college atmosphere is important. Life is busy. I get that. But, you have one time in your life when you can focus on just your educaiton. Those first few years really mold your experience... without barriers. It is a well-deserved investment that affects completion rates. Participate in as many of the fun activites that are offered. You will be rewarded in the long run.

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