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Snow College | Alumni


Kathryn Sorbe Brazieal- 1964 Alum 


  1. Where are you currently employed? I spent 36 years as a teacher and administrator at the secondary level. I was mostly a teacher but was an administrator for 12 years. I worked in many places in the west including California, Oregon, Nevada, and Utah. I received my Associate’s Degree at Snow College then went on to Utah State and BYU and received my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s Degree. I graduated from Snow College in Home Economics then went back to school to major in Special Education and received my Master’s in Educational Psychology. I also went back to school for my Administrative Certificate so that I could be an Administrator.
  2. How did Snow College contribute to your accomplishments? Snow College set the ground work to know I could succeed in college. I loved the special one-on-one attention. Mrs. Kay encouraged me to be a teacher, and I am now encouraging my granddaughter to be as well. Snow College started me on the right path to a career I truly enjoyed. It has a “special place in my heart”. I still have a Snow College sweatshirt from 1962 and a picture in my office at home of the Snow College Administration Building.  I also loved the “small town closeness” that Snow College provides. I went to almost every school in Utah at some point and all were good, but none could have provided me with the same success starting out as Snow College did.
  3. What is your most memorable moment at Snow College? I remember very well the fun times I had with my roommates. I lived in Fern Young Hall, which was the only all-girls dorm at the time. The rooms were made for 6 roommates in each apartment but there were 9 in mine. I still communicate with those roommates and we are all still good friends. In fact, we had a “roommate reunion” just recently!
  4. What additional information would you like for other alumni to know about you? I am happily retired in St. George, Utah (with my daughter and her family nearby in Santa Clara) but still do plenty to stay busy! I volunteer with the school system in St. George quite often. I say, “Once a school teacher, always a school teacher!”



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