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Alumni Spotlight

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AUG 2015

 Cy Tidwell

Cy Tidwell - 2004 Alum

Inventor of "oh hello" app, owner/founder of "" 

Cy Tidwell wanted to find a way to have the money he regularly spent go towards helping friends and people he trusted, rather than strangers. He researched and found a need for an online Classified Section that combined distance and rating with relationship. He created a unique algorithm for this hybrid search service, designed a computer app, founded and has begun releasing portions of their platform in a phased strategy designed to offer customers the best experience possible.

What are some of your hobbies?
"I enjoy golfing, with my dad and little brother. Football has also been a passion of mine since I played at Snow College. Camping, fly fishing, and the outdoors is peaceful and something I wish I could do more often. I would have to say my 'favorite' hobby is traveling somewhere with my family. I have three of the cutest girls in the world and a beautiful wife who all make my life pretty darn fun!"

How did Snow College contribute to your accomplishments?
Snow College has always been a big part of my life. I have personally known many of the professors and respect them immensely. In my own work environment, I know I am a more dedicated and caring person, and I can attribute some of that towards a few of my wonderful professors and coaches during my time at Snow. The professors actually took extra time to help me after hours. I can say the character, dedication, and support is top notch at Snow College. The Snow College family cares for their students and they show it by individualizing, and taking the time to give the students the best education they can. For me at least, it was a great experience, and I loved it!

What is your most memorable moment at Snow College?
My dad was head football coach there for years, so I basically grew up at Snow College! I would have to say my most memorable moment would be competing in the Free Tuition Giveaway: "Fear Factor." I had to eat an enormous bowl of wet dog food before the other students participating. Let's just say I shouldn't have eaten so much spaghetti right before going to that activity! It sure was fun though, and the free tuition ended up becoming money in my pocket because I already had a scholarship. That was a good time.

What advice would you give to other Snow College students/alumni?
I constantly recommend Snow College to others. I truly believe it's a place where anyone can go for an excellent education with some of the best professors in the world. I would attend Snow all over again and would only change one thing ... I'd go to more activities outside of football and basketball. There's so many fun things to do on and off campus!


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