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Snow College | Alumni


Chante' Birch- 2011 Alum

  1. Where are you currently employed? I have a small job with the USU IELI office where I help foreign exchange students learn English. It's similar to being a teacher's assistant for an ESL class. I love it!
  2. What are your hobbies? I love to be outside. Fishing, camping, running, playing, and basking in the sunshine are all so fun. I love to work and organize things and be involved. I love dancing, especially Western Swing, which I picked up at Snow College. I like to cross-stitch quotes and travel. I also plan to see the world someday!
  3. How did Snow College contribute to your accomplishments? I was on the President's Leadership Team (PLT) while I was at Snow College. This changed my life! I grew so much. I learned how to be professional, responsible and more mature. I made great strides in becoming who I want to be while on PLT. It was my first time away from home when I went to Snow College, but it helped me grow. I learned to love Snow College with my whole heart. I grew up, had many new first experiences, and made life-long friends. It was the best two years of my life! I became more of who I wanted to be and grew up faster than I would have anywhere else..
  4. What is your most memorable moment at Snow College? I had so many memorable experiences; it's hard to pick just one. The one that brought it all together was when I graduated. That's when you realize how much Snow and the people there mean to you. It might not have been the happiest experience because I was so sad that I had to leave. But it made me truly appreciate the two years that I had had. It made me realize how grateful I am for the time that I had there, the friends that I made, and the experiences that I had. I haven't had another scholastic experience that matches my time at Snow.
  5. What additional information would you like for other alumni to know about you?  I transferred to USU in fall 2011. While at Snow, I was the French Club President and was involved with many things. Snow was a great place to get involved.



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