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Snow College Alumni Spotlight

Brittany Halladay Maxfield--'96

 Brittany Maxfield

Brittany Halladay Maxfield, Jordan School District substitute teacher, non-practicing social worker, and stay-at-home mother.  

What are your hobbies?

Hiking, camping playing soccer, and cooking.

How did Snow College contribute to your accomplishments?

Snow College helped me strengthen some talents and abilities that I already had. Snow also reinforced that serving others is an important part of life. while serving as the Associated Women's Students (AWS) president, I was able to serve many students. My love of service was deepened and has carried on throughout my life.

What is your most memorable moment at Snow College?

One of my most memorable moment was during my freshman year at the beginning of the year. I as trying to get to class in a rainstorm, and couldn't get across College Avenue because the sheep were coming down the street!

What additional information would you like other alums to know about you?

I am currently on the Alumni Board and have loved every minute of serving. I love coming back to campus and experiencing that magical feeling that is in Ephraim at Snow. I bring my kids back for Homecoming every year, and they say they are going to come to Snow college when they grow up.

What advice would you give current Snow College students?

Snow has so many wonderful learning opportunities, so take advantage of them. Don't just take advantage of the "book" learning, enjoy the "life" learning as well. I "found myself" while at Snow, and learned to be true to who I was. Always be true to yourself.
One last thing, enjoy your time at Snow, because it is wonderful and goes by too quickly.

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