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Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants play a vital role in the healthcare industry. Combining patient care and administrative duties, medical assistants work primarily in doctors’ offices and clinics working to make life easier for patients and physicians. If you’ve been considering a career in the healthcare industry, medical assisting may be for you.

Priority Application Deadlines:

  • June 15th for Fall Semester 
  • November 30th for Spring Semester
  • March 15th for Summer Semester
  • After these dates, applications will be received until program is full.


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Skills Taught

  • Front office skills such as:
    • Scheduling
    • Filing
    • Process claims and payments
  • Recording vital signs such as:
    • Weight
    • Blood Pressure
    • Pulse
    • Respirations
    • Temperature
    • Oxygen Saturation
  • 12 lead ECG
  • Specimen collection and processing
  • Immunizations
  • Administering medications
  • CPR and first aid
  • Infection control
  • Setting up for exams and procedures

Career Options for Graduates

Upon successful completion of the coursework and externship, students will be prepared to work as a medical assistant. The majority of medical assistants work in clinics and other medical offices.

Additional Information

In addition to coursework and labs, students will complete an externship (180 hours) in a medical office. Students must be 18 or older to qualify for an externship.

Upon acceptance to the program, each student will need to undergo a background check, drug screening, tuberculosis test, and provide proof of immunizations.

Three Semesters

3 Semesters including a 180-hour externship

Medical Assistant Certificate

It is anticipated that the coursework will take three semesters to complete, however, it is designed to be completed at the students’ pace and can be finished more quickly if desired.



$2,380 full program- $85 per credit

Student Fees


* Tuition and fees are subject to change.







Fall Semester

Fall, Application Deadline June 15th

Spring Semester

Spring, Application Deadline November 30th

Summer Semester

Summer, Application Deadline March 15th

Outlook Up

16% Growth

Job Outlook



Annual Median Salary

Hybrid Instruction
  • Hybrid

Richfield Campus for labs

Richfield Campus

Nephi Learning Center

Classes Required for Medical Assistant Certificate

Course # Title Credits Semester
TEMA 1000 Medical Terminology 2 1
TEMA 1010 Introduction to Medical Assisting 2 1
TEMA 1020 Medical Office I 2 1
TEMA 1040 Anatomy and Physiology 4 1
TEMA 1060 Clinical Procedures 2 1
TEMA 1030 Medical Office II 2 2
TEMA 1050 Pharmacology 3 2
TEMA 1160 Laboratory and Surgical Procedures 2 2
TEMA 1420 The Medical Assistant 1 2
TEMA 1540 Patient Care 2 2
TEMA 1600 Health and Wellness 2 2
TEMA 1900 Medical Assistant Externship I 2 3
TEMA 1910 Medical Assistant Externship II 2 3

This program follows a Competency Based Education (CBE) format. CBE measures your mastery of the subject material (rather than how many hours you spent in class) to determine if you earn credit. CBE is about what you know and can do, not how many hours you spent learning it.

CBE courses contain the same assignments, instruction videos, quizzes, etc., as the regular online version of the class. The main difference is that in a CBE class, most of those lessons and activities are optional (and not graded). You will complete as many (or few) as you need to learn the material. When you feel you’re ready, you can take the assessment. If you pass with an 80% or above, you may move on to the next section. If you score below 80%, you will need to review the material before retaking the assessment. Students are expected to keep up on work, attend labs and externships. Falling behind may result in failure of courses and an inability to complete the program. For more detailed information about Competency Based Education (CBE), please visit: