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Home/Family Studies Courses

HFST  1020  Foundations of Nutrition LS
HFST  1130  Quiltmaking Styles/Techniques
HFST  1140  Introductory Sewing
HFST  1210  Personal & Consumer Finance SS
HFST  1240  Introductory Foods
HFST  1245  Introductory Foods Lab
HFST  1260  Weight Control/Eating Behavior
HFST  1300  Personal & Family Health
HFST  1400  Courtship & Marriage SS
HFST  1500  Human Development SS
HFST  1600  Child Care as a Business
HFST  1750  Intro to Interior Design FA
HFST  1997  Home and Family Internship I
HFST  2020  Nutrition Through Life Cycle
HFST  2040  Intermediate Sewing
HFST  2120  Foods & Nutrition for Children
HFST  2230  Concepts of Cosplay
HFST  2250  Personal & Consumer Mgmt
HFST  2400  Family Relations SS
HFST  2500  Early Childhood Development
HFST  2600  Intro to Early Childhood Educ
HFST  2610  Guidance of Young Children
HFST  2620  Creative Exper for Children
HFST  2880  Preschool Training Practicum I
HFST  2885  Preschool Training Practic. II
HFST  2990  Seminar in Preschool Teaching
HFST  2997  Home and Family Internship II