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Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I

Division: Natural Science and Math

Department: Mathematics

Course: MATH 2010

Title: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I

Description: Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I is part of a series of courses designed to improve the mathematical understanding of prospective elementary teachers. Concepts covered include problem-solving, sets, functions, numeration systems, number theory, rational numbers (fractions), decimals, percents, and integers. The course will combine a thorough treatment of mathematical concepts with pedagogical philosophy to help prospective teachers learn to teach mathematics with understanding and insight.

Courses Taught Fall 2022

2010-001TTH2:30 pm-3:45 pmHill, Diane S.
2010-100TTH9:30 am-10:50 amSeegmiller, Patrick L.
2010-205TTH9:30 am-10:50 amSeegmiller, Patrick L.

Courses Taught Spring 2023

No courses to display for this term.