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Nursing Assistant

Applicants for certified nursing assistant (CNA) training are required to complete an academic training course. For those who want to practice in Utah, you need to complete at least 96 hours or more to be eligible for a Utah CNA license. All states in the country divide their CNA training programs into two parts. These portions are the clinical and classroom training. CNA trainees will need to have clinical experience as part of the requirements for a Utah CNA license.

The clinical part of the CNA training is usually more intense and requires an untiring physical energy. The written or the classroom training will help prepare the students for the physical and mental requirements of a CNA clinical training as well as the actual CNA role in the real world.

The Snow College CNA class is 1 semester. Classes are 96 hours of lecture and 24 hours of clinicals. This course is offered on the Richfield and Ephraim campus as well as our outreach sites: Delta, Fillmore, Nephi, Piute, and Wayne.