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Western Riding Skills I

Division: Business and Applied Tech

Department: Business

Course: AGBS 1700

Title: Western Riding Skills I

Description: The objective of this class is to allow students to practice and further develop their horsemanship skills. This course is designed to cover principles of basic horsemanship and will include some of the principles of schooling/training horses that are already broke to ride. An understanding of horse behavior and safe conduct around horses are central to the course. Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of riding, handling and grooming, as well as becoming familiar with the parts of the horse. Students have the opportunity for hands-on application of these principles by actually riding and schooling horses during this course. Topics presented will include horsemanship skills, equine behavior, equine psychology, and how this knowledge can be utilized to produce and present a willing, useful horse. Goals will be set for each student-horse pair, and efforts will be made to reach these goals. Students must have or arrange for their own horse.

Courses Taught Spring 2023

1700-001MW12:30 pm-2:20 pmBagley, Kendra E.
1700-001Taught OnlineBagley, Kendra E.

Courses Taught Fall 2023

1700-001TTH1:30 pm-3:20 pmBagley, Kendra E.