Presidential Search

The Utah Board of Regents is conducting a national search for the next president of Snow College.

About Snow College

Snow College was founded 130 years ago by pioneer men and women who understood the value of education and wanted to ensure the gift of knowledge was passed on to those who meant the most to them… their children. In that same caring spirit we continue to strive for excellence in education at Snow College. Our vision is clear, the future is bright, and the students who become a part of the grand tradition of Snow College will continue to touch lives and change the world.

Our Students

Snow College students are a diverse group with a variety of educational goals. From those desiring to enter the workforce with marketable trade skills, to students earning a two year Associates degree before continuing to a four-year institution, to those in the four-year Bachelor of Commercial Music or Software Engineering programs. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds but all are here to achieve success, and the faculty and staff of Snow College are passionate about helping that happen.

Our Mission

Snow College continues a tradition of excellence, encourages a culture of innovation, and cultivates an atmosphere of engagement to advance students in the achievement of their educational goals.

Tradition of Excellence

Provide a vibrant learning environment that empowers students to achieve their educational goals.

Culture of Innovation

Encourage and support innovative initiatives that create dynamic learning experiences for the college community.

Atmosphere of Engagement

Create learning and service opportunities, locally and globally, to engage students, faculty, staff, and surrounding communities.

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