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TV Screens

Guidelines for the Snow College TV Screens

1. Snow College has installed a number of Digital TV screens in various buildings within the campus. These screens are managed through the College's Office of Marketing and Communications.

2. The purpose of of the screens are to conveniently provide timely and pertinent information to the college student body, that can help them in the daily educational, athletic, college, student and social life, and campus activities.

3. It is the intention of the administration to allow only college information that will help the students in their everyday activities to be posted on the screens. This includes, but is not limited to the following types of content to be displayed:

- Student Success Advising information 
- Student Life activities
- College Sports events
- Fine Arts events
- Student Life approved Club information and events
- Messages from the Administration
- Pertinent information from college offices for the students
- Snow College promotional messages
- College Spirit messages
- College branding imagery
- College News
- Weather and College Social Media feeds
- Any information that could benefit the general student population (upon approval from the administration)

4. Content that is not approved for displaying on the screens include, but not limited to, the following

- Advertising commercial or private businesses
- Advertising for items to purchase by businesses or entities outside of the college
- Advertising or promoting any outside organizations; political, interest groups, etc.
- Any imagery that may be deemed inappropriate, hateful, offensive, etc. by this office or the administration.

5. To keep the TV screens up-to-date and viewer friendly, advertisements will normally be limited to a two week time limit before the event. Some informational content may be displayed for longer times as neccessary.

6. The screens are not a public forum and Snow College Administration reserves the right to exercise its sole discretion as to what is displayed.  No person or group has a right to display anything on the screens.


Digital TV Screen Artwork Requirements

Only single images are allowed. Videos or sound will NOT work.

Images submitted need to be 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels tall, saved as JPG files in RGB color profile. No Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher or Word files will be accepted.

Submission for artwork to be posted should be sent to ude.wons@retsambew.