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Space Utilization Report

USHE policy R751-3.5 states: "Each president shall annually report to the Board institutional space utilization goals and accomplishments in conjunction with the annual capital facility request cycle in a format prescribed by the Commissioner's Office." Even though many diverse non-instructional activities occur on campus and instruction happens in other space, including virtual space, higher education institutions typically measure space utilization in terms of credit-bearing courses held in classrooms and laboratories.  Classrooms and laboratories represent the primary space where institutions serve students as they work toward completing their educational goals.

Higher education space utilization measures two factors of classroom and laboratory space usage: the number of hours a room is used and how many people occupy the rooms when in use.  The standard metrics for these factors are:

  • Room Utilization Rate (RUR)--how many hours a room is scheduled for use
  • Station Occupancy Rate (SOR)--the percent of stations/seats that are occupied when compared to the total capacity.
Space Utilization Standards

The current Capital Development Prioritization (CDP) process of the Board of Regents assesses need for classroom and teaching laboratory space based on a space utilization guideline that was adopted by the Board of Regents Building Board in 2010. The CDP assumes that classrooms and labs will be operated according to these criteria:

  • Classroom RUR: 75% scheduling of all classrooms during a 45-hour week (this equals 33.75 hours per week)
  • Classroom SOR: 66.7% seat occupancy
  • Laboratory RUR: 50% scheduling of all laboratories during a 45-hour week (this equals 22.5 hours per week)
  • Laboratory SOR: 80% station occupancy

Source: Space Utilization data is taken from USHE verified End-of-Term reports.  Building information is matched with an institutional space inventory file on building name, number, and room. The Space Inventory file contains age, area, and costs associated with original building construction and any renovations.

Space Utilization Report Dashboard (2020-2021)

This dashboard allows you to interactively select a building and find space utilization information for rooms.  The tabs at the top of the dashboard represent information by building, building and room detail (with course information), and a comprehensive report for all buildings and rooms, A-Z.