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Current Projects

Assessment Projects (August):
  • Mission Fulfillment Report: Complete a scorecard document with effective KPI for each strategic theme goal/area.  This scorecard maps each KPI with other reporting elements (e.g. Growth Funding, Performance Funding, etc.) with point-in-time data measured against established targets.  Rationale for KPI measures will be provided in a Mission Fulfillment report (published annually) and developed into a mission fulfillment dashboard (Tableau).  The Mission Fulfillment report will be added to the end of the Institutional Effectiveness report. 
  • R411 Program Review General Packets: Revise all general R411 information and include self-study, agenda, and report templates. Revision also includes an updated R411 cycle for Snow College.
  • NS and SS Program Review Packets: Prepare R411 five-year review packets for all programs in the Natural Science & Mathematics and Social and Behavioral Science divisions, respectively.
Reporting Projects (August):
  • USHE Program File: Finalize and report Snow College's programs by degree level and CIP Code.
  • USHE Financial Aid Report: Re-write SQL that pulls student financial aid data for USHE reporting. Report data for 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021 academic years.
  • 3rd Week and End-of-Term Script Review/Revision: This project reviews current SQL scripts and updates them to new features provided by data views and improved SQL code.
  • 3rd Week and End-of-Term Summit: A meeting if all personnel related to 3rd Week and EOT data collection to collaborate on improved data collection procedures and on-going data quality checks/cleanses for improved data integrity.
  • Performance Metrics Web Page: Create and publish a Performance Metrics web page with information and links on USHE's Performance Metrics and Snow College's progress.
  • SEP KPI Dashboard: An interactive dashboard that provides 3-year trend and current KPI measures for Snow's Strategic Enrollment Planning.
Resources Projects (August):
  • Student Research Data Set Repository: Collect and develop and on-line repository of data sets for level 1 student research projects.
  • Undergraduate Resarch/IRB: Revise and update the parameters and protocols associated with undergraduate research at Snow College. Includes revisions to the IRB application and improved collaborations with faculty supervisors.
  • Student Research IRB Seminar: Prepare a student seminar on the different types of undergraduate research available at Snow College, the IRB process at Snow College, and how to effectively plan human subjects/survey-based research projects.
  • Faculty Fall Seminars: Prepare seminars and training materials on undergraduate reserach information, and course evaluation access (Deans/Department chairs).
  • Report Inventory/Schedule: Compile a comprehensive report inventory for all external and/or critical reports. This includes the publication of a Report Inventory/Schedule dashboard (public).