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Institutional Assessment


Assessment is the process of gathering and discussing data on student learning and institutional performance that culminates in the evidence-based student learning improvement and institutional progress.  As top performing institution, Snow College embraces both "assessment for improvement" and "assessment for accountability".  "Assessment for improvement" focuses on the continual improvement of the College's student-centered teaching, learning and co-curricular support services.  "Assessment for accountability" demonstrates the effectiveness of all Snow College's programs and services to various external audience such as state and federal governments, accrediting agencies, taxpayers, and parents.  "Assessment for improvement" provides data that serves as evidence for accountability.


Snow College is accredited by the Northwest Association of Colleges and Universities.  Other specialized accreditations are awarded by

Mission Fulfillment

The Office of institutional Research uses assessment data along with other institutional information to report progress and provide recommendations toward strategic them KPI achievement and overall mission fulfillment.  Many of these KPIs are aligned with the Utah System of Higher Education's (USHE) Growth Funding and Performance Funding metrics.

Program Review

All academic programs complete a comprehensive program review every five years (R411).  Each program review includes an extensive program self-study publication, a site visit by external evaluators, a documented assessment from evaluators, and a formal program response to program recommendations.  Completed program reviews are reviewed by the Snow College Board of Trustees prior to submission to the Utah System of Higher Education.

Course Evaluations

Snow College provides customized course evaluations to students prior to and 14-days after each instructional time period (including block classes and summer terms).  Course evaluations integrate with Snow College's BadgerWeb portal and can be accessed using any computer or mobile device. Deans, department chairs, and other faculty leadership use aggregated course evaluation information for rank advancement, awarding tenure, and hiring part-time faculty as full-time instructors.  Course evaluation results are also used to provide course or program learning outcome feedback.

Strategic Enrollment Management

Strategic Enrollment Management at Snow College aligns recruitment and retention efforts with Snow College's strategic plan and mission-related KPIs. Data collected by Snow College's Environmental Scan, Institutional Effectiveness Report, interactive dashboards, and analytical/informational briefs support improvements in student enrollment, retention, and success (graduation and/or transfer) rates and  evaluate the success of college initiatives and the quality of college services.

Institutional Review Board (IRB):

In full support of undergraduate research activities, Snow College provides review of student, faculty, and externally sourced research projects. .

Beckie Hermansen EdD (Director of Institutional Research)
Office of Institutional Planning & Research
150 East College Avenue
Ephraim, UT 84627
1-435-283-7346 (p)
1-435-283-7304 (f)