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Institutional Research

Institutional Research facilitates the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of institutional data and other information to help stakeholders and leaders make data-driven decisions beneficial to institutional planning and the achievement of institutional goals. Institutional Research at Snow College is organized into three main areas: Assessment, Reporting, and Resources. 

Assessment   Reporting   Resources
This office supports accreditation, internal ad hoc studies and other research in support of faculty/staff scholarship and institutional improvement. In addition, this office serves as the clearinghouse for IRB (Internal Review Board) requests which are required by any student, faculty, or staff project involving Snow College students and/or student-generated data.

  This office provides Snow College statistical information to federal and state agencies as well as national publication organizations and the general public   This office provides statistical resources to the general college population, the higher education process, and the surrounding community (National Clearinghouse, IPEDS, WEBStats, etc.).
Current Projects (August)

Mission Fulfillment Report
Mission Fulfillment Dashboard
R411 Program Review General Packets
Program Health Dashboard
NS and SS R411 Packet Prep

  USHE Program File
USHE Financial Aid Files
3rd Week/EOT Script Revisions
3rd Week/EOT Summit
Performance Metrics Dashboard 
Performance Metrics Webpage
SEP KPI Dashboard


Student Research Dataset Repository
Undergraduate Research/IRB
Student Research IRB Seminar
Faculty Fall Seminars
Report Inventory/Schedule
Faculty/Staff Pulse Survey