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3rd Week Reports

Snow College reports enrollment and instructional activity information to the Utah System of Higher Education in formalized reports known as the 3rd Week Report and the End-of-Term Report. The 3rd Week Report is a snapshot gathered at the third week of each semester. This typically aligns with the last day a student can add or drop a class without an assessed fee.  The End-of-Term Report provides actual information on the enrollment and instructional activity completed for an entire semester, including earned credits and final grades. USHE budget, space utilization. and other decisions use end-of-term information.

The process of completing a 3rd Week or End-of-Term report begins with an institutional data pull that is cleansed, tested, and edited against USHE scripts--looking for inconsistencies, mismatches, and other erroneous data. USHE edit scripts are used by Snow College as vital feedback that improves institutional data integrity. Report changes are consistent with changes in Snow's information system.  All 3rd Week or End-of-Term reports are governed by system-wide standardized collection of terms which are published in the USHE Data Dictionary. Dictionary elements specific to these reports are the Course File Dictionary, the Student File Dictionary, and the Student Course File Dictionary 

The table below is populated  by 3rd Week and End-of-Term reports (pdf). Each 3rd Week is updated by an End-of-Term for the same semester.  Summer term(s) do not complete a 3rd Week Report, only an End-of-Term report.  The most recently updated report is in bold.  An online dashboard is also available (click here).

Academic Year
    Academic Year
   Academic Year
    Academic Year
    Academic Year
Summer 2017   Summer 2018     Summer 2019     Summer 2020   Summer 2021
Fall 2017   Fall 2018   Fall 2019    Fall 2020   Fall 2021
Spring 2018   Spring 2019   Spring 2020   Spring 2021   Spring 2022

3rd Week reports are updated by October 15 (fall semester) and February 15 (spring semester).  End-of-term reports are updated by January 30 (fall semester), June 30 (spring semester) and October 1 (summer terms).  The student profile dashboard is updated consistent with each 3rd week report (fall/spring).

3rd Week Dashboard (fall semester, 2021): 

This dashboard allows the user to select different data views by gender, full-time/part-time status, and ethnicity.  The dashboard has three main tabs representing Demographic Information (age, residency, ethnicity, etc.), Academic Information (High school GPA, ACT scores, Pell Grant information, etc.), and a map representing the Geographic Location (in Utah) of currently enrolled students.  For a printable sheet of definitions (a glossary or terms) used in this profile, click here.