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Office of Institutional Effectiveness

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to influence and facilitate Snow College's continuous planning, assessment, and evaluation efforts for the purpose of enhancing the quality of the College's programs, services, operations and processes that will directly or indirectly improve the faculty and staff's ability to support and fulfill the Mission of Snow College.

To accomplish this mission, we:
  • Leverage data and transform it into useful information that will provide direction and quality assurance about how the College is meeting its mission to educate students for lives of purpose, service, and leadership
  • Support mission objectives by supplying data, information, and regular reporting on Snow College’s strategies, and projects, focusing on the areas of student success, academics, recruitment & retention, employee satisfaction, and infrastructure changes
  • Foster the use of sound and innovative methods to gather, generate, analyze, report and manage data
  • Provide accurate, consistent, relevant and timely information that is accessible to internal and external constituencies
  • Facilitate the integration of this information into institutional decision making, policy development and planning processes
  • Provide operational guidance to support the implementation of institutionally relevant technology advancements
  • Facilitate Project Management education and direct support throughout the Institution that directly drives increased effectiveness and efficiencies
Snow Office Functions Supported
Team Members and responsibilities
  • Paul Tew CISA CSAP (Director Institutional Effectiveness and Information Security Officer)
    • Direct the operations of the Institutional Effectiveness office
    • Responsible for the Information Security office (policy, training, testing, compliance, risk assessments etc.)
  • Micah Strait JD Esq. (Sr. Institutional Effectiveness Analyst)
    • Process development, evaluation, and improvement
    • Data mining, analytics, and visualization
    • Generating report and dashboard via Argos
    • Initiative evaluation
    • Cross-unit communication and training
  • Beckie Hermansen EdD (Director of Institutional Research)
    • Accreditation, serves as the Accreditation Liaison Officer
    • Program Assessment
    • Reporting (External and Internal)
    • Institutional Support
    • Data Governance
    • Qualtrics Surveys
  • Ryan Yorgason (Project Management Office) PMO
    • Implementation of Industry standard methodologies for Project Management
    • Project Initiation
    • Plan the Project (scope, schedule, budget, resources)
    • Execution of Project Plan
    • Project control (meetings and follow up)
    • Close Project
Requesting OIE assistance

One of the key functions of the OIE team is to assist all departments improve internal processes, and to assist in making decisions based on data, so that Snow can continue to improve and support its Mission.

To request the assistance of the OIE team, please complete the following DATA REQUEST link below, and a member of the team will contact you shortly.

Data Request