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Snow College will be closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving.

Diversity and Inclusion Recommendations

Recommendations to the Snow College Administration

Areas for Improvement

The findings of the Inclusion Committee indicate three major areas for improvement on campus that can help create an environment that fosters maximum achievement and success for diverse students. These areas are:

  • Campus Diversity (students/faculty/staff)
  • Campus Climate
  • Community Climate and Engagement

The following recommendations support improvement in each of the above listed areas.


Campus Diversity 

  • Make an effort to add more diverse faculty and staff, especially in highly visible, key positions including Advising and Enrollment Services. This may require the College to evaluate its hiring practices to encourage a greater number of applications from underrepresented populations. Ownership: Wayne Squire and Committee
  • Increase outreach and recruitment activities to Latino, Black, Native American, Pacific Islander and other populations underrepresented in Utah higher education. This may require the College to:
    • Implement a Diversity/Inclusion webpage (Fernando Montano)
    • Host Snow Blasts for diverse students (Jeff Savage)
    • Increase diversity in marketing materials (John Stevens)
    • Hire more diverse faculty and staff, especially in highly visibility positions (Wayne Squire)
  • Retool the program structure and services offered to international students, based on student needs and diversity in order to attract and retain diverse international students. Ownership: Alex Peterson and Committee
  • This may require the College to:
    • Improve menu offerings in the cafeteria
    • Implement additional transportation offerings for student needing local and out-of-county travel
    • Consider providing a meditation room for students on campus
    • Make on-campus employment opportunities more accessible to international students

Campus Climate 

  • Institute at least one ongoing required workshop for the staff and faculty to encourage behaviors that support an inclusive campus climate for LGBT students, and racial/ethnic/religious minorities. It is recommended that this training be implemented during the fall back-to-school activities. Ownership: Craig Mathie, Fernando Montano, and Committee
  • Encourage more staff and faculty involvement as club advisors (Michelle Brown and Steve Hood)


Recommendations to the Snow College Administration 


  • Encourage and sponsor more inter-club activities to allow students more opportunities to interact with others with different backgrounds and interests. Ownership: Fernando Montano, Paki Moe, and Committee
  • Implement a plan to better utilize the open area in the middle of the GSC by providing games and other activities (determined by students) to increase student interaction. Ownership: Michelle Brown, Fernando Montano, and Paki Moe

Community Climate and Engagement 

  • Institute activities and initiatives at the institutional level to improve the reception of diverse students within the community.  This may require the College to look for new ways to increase its engagement within the local community. For example, by having clubs engaged in the local schools and various community-based settings, we can make an important difference in exposing the community to diverse student populations on campus possibly reducing bias and negative interactions.  Ownership: Fernando Montano, Paki Moe, and Committee
  •  Sponsor special nights that showcase the cultures of our diverse student populations hosted by the Multicultural Center and the Office of Inclusion and Diversity. Ownership: Fernando Montano and Paki Moe