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Athletes Focus Groups

November 3, 2014

1           Why did you choose a community college to begin your college career?

·             Grades; have a starting point

·             Wanted to get grades up

·             Test scores

·             Age—opportunity to come back to college

·             Football opportunity

·             Affordable

2.  What attracted you to Snow College, or why did you decide to attend here?

·             Football

·             Scholarships

·             Family members attended Snow


3.  Since coming to Snow College, what has been the most helpful to you in adjusting to college? Think in terms of student life,

·             Claudia

·             Tutors

·             Student support services

·             Counselors

·             Small classes

·             Having free mentors really helps

·             Support—Achieving goals as long as you put in work

·             Coaches and professors—one-to-one

·             Holding accountable to attend study hall


4th question

·             Small town gives a lot of problems

·             Small town is a killer

·             Humbles you a lot

·             It is a problem for students from big cities



5th question—Most enjoyable and least

·             Football is enjoyable

·             Tend to excel in athletics, things you like

·             Relating athletics to academics

·             Spring Season is better

Least enjoyable

Sacrificing homework for student life activities

Classroom least enjoyable

Teacher expecting certain hours

Coaching expecting studying plays and opponents

Last thing in mind is doing homework after a game

No time for student Life activities

No free time

Struggle with time management


6th  If you could change one thing about Snow, what would it be?

·             Bring Beto’s Restaurant

·             Taco Bell would bring jobs for students

·             Food prices in the cafeteria too high

·             Putting on weight—it’s expensive

·             Able to use badger bucks at Mc Donald’s

·             Put all classes on Canvas –Some professor do not do it

·             Pep rally

·             People coming more to us –we do not feel included

·             They see us as especial people


7th Diversity

·             It’s diverse

·             We need more diverse students to come

·             Unless for ball, they don’t come

·             Mix culture and religions here

·             Having diverse teachers would be an advantage or disadvantage

·             A lot of them do not understand the concept of student athlete

·             Means to an end of life—football

·             Teachers compare us to normal students

·             Faculty is not diverse

·             I feel like they think I’m stupid

·             Professors do not understand. They stereotype

·             Teachers do not see why we are so tired

·             We spend lots of time on bus trips to our games. We come back very tired


8th question most positive diversity thing

·             Seeing a bunch of different cultures and becoming friends

·             Having Paki and the MCC

·             Saying hello to other students

·             Social profiling

·             Watching Poly’s break stereotypes academically

·             Hanging out with football players

·             Students of different backgrounds interacting with all of us

·             Going to MCC and seeing different cultures

·             Students think student athletes think they are better than them but we are not


9th Challenges

·             We come together—family is not here

·             Different backgrounds crush

·             Go through the bad to get to the good

·             Common ground

·             Forced to share common ground

·             We all have the same goal and vision

·             Classes, extra-curricular activities, clubs, inclusion with activities


10th Increase Diversity

·             Students have to choose

·             Offer scholarships to kids across the country

·             Give scholarships on spot while visiting

·             Promote small classes

·             Go more out of state promoting Snow College

·             Adding more business to Ephraim will bring more diverse students