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Diversity Advisory Groups



The professional development team will take the initiative to teach and develop faculty and staff using case scenarios, PowerPoint presentations, bringing diverse speakers to campus to raise diversity and inclusion awareness.


April Anderton 435-893-2288
Malynda Bjerregaard, Assistant Professor of Communication      435-283-7423
Renee Faatz, Assistant Professor of Geology 435-283-7519
David Fullmer, Professor of Music 435-283-7101
Craig Mathie, Vice President of Student Success 435-893-2216
Fernando Montano 435-283-7328
Paki Moe, Multicultural Advisor 435-283-7658
Alex Peterson, Director of Global Engagement 435-283-7432
Josh Hales, Human Resources Director 435-283-7058



This team will outline the purpose of the diversity initiative, its goals for the institution and how such goals will be accomplish.


Wissem Abid, International Admissions Advisor 435-283-7435
English Brooks, English Professor 435-283-7406
Michelle Brown, Director of Student Life 435-283-7127
Nathan Caplin, Assistant Professor of History 435-283-7540
Rosie Connor, Director of Advancement 435-283-7061
Beckie Hermansen, Institutional Research Director 435-283-7346
Kevin Holdsworth, English professor (Richfield) 435-893-2251
Steve Hood, Vice President for Academic Affairs 435-283-7301
Melanie Jenkins, Assistant VP of Academics 435-283-7451
Rachel Keller, Associate English Professor 435-283-7412
Craig Mathie, Vice President of Student Success 435-893-2216
Fernando Montano, Director of Diversity and Inclusion 435-283-7328
Rob Nielson, Director of Athletics 435-283-7037
Jill Trythall, Admissions Program Coordinator 435-283-7121