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Snow College will be closed November 24 & 25 for Thanksgiving.

LGTB Focus Group

1.           Why did you choose a community college to begin your college career?

-               Because it was cheap. 

-               Testing the waters to see if this was the major I really wanted.

-               Small classrooms and inexpensive. 

-               24 hour access to the studios.

-               Good Engineering program. 


2.           What attracted you to Snow College, or why did you decide to attend here?

-               The art department, the biggest reason a friend of mine came. 

-               Leaning towards SUU and Scott came out and gave a personal tour.

-               4 year music degree.


3.           Since coming to Snow College, what has been most helpful to you in adjusting to college?

Think in terms of student life, student services, campus groups, etc.

-               This club.

-               All the different clubs we have here at Snow.  Makes students feel more comfortable.

-               The fact that a lot of the faculty seem to be pretty open minded I think helps a lot.

-               International section open about the LGBT. It wasn’t their religion that determined how they act. 

-               The math lab and the engineering department.

-               Student Services was really helpful. 

-               The art department helped me find best friends.


4.           What if anything has made your adjustment, or the adjustment for other students, to Snow College difficult?

-               Came from a town of 120, every day I had a family to go back to, you feel very alone. I got so depressed I convinced myself when I made friends I’d be happy, but when I made myself happy, I made friends. 

-               I find when it comes to like small towns, there is some good beauty about it, some bad. The beauty is having the time to focus, the ugly you won’t have the group that you want all the time. Big city has a lot of people who are like you so you can get together. 

-               There are very few who like the same things as you in a small town. Snow does well to include diverse students, but a large portion of the population is from Utah and from one culture and that culture is too homogeneous. 


5.           What portions of your college life (academic and social) are most enjoyable for you?

-               Friends to talk to and activities to help. 

-               The school does a good amount of activities and I really like that. 

-               We have parties almost every week which is cool.

Which ones are the least enjoyable?

-               Took a while to get to know the LGTB club. 

-               Love when it could happen that they are out and proud of it. 

-               Don’t want to be afraid to show my boyfriend with me. It would be nice to say that.

-               The school knows about us, but we’re just barely starting, not trying to shove it down their throat.


6.           If you could change one thing about Snow College, what would it be?

-               A four year art degree. 

-               Have things open later than 7pm and open on the weekends. 

-               Tuition changing and the fees are not consistent. 

-               Bookstore having gift cards available using your student card. 

-               Food is over-priced need option to buy other food with badger bucks card.

-               The cashiers don’t have the right scanners to use them, poor integration of services.

-                Extension of time for service windows.

-               A permanent place to have for the club.

-               Growth in degrees.

-               Art having its own building.


7.           What are your thoughts about diversity here at Snow College?

-               It’s a good thing. It’s encouraged (it should be encouraged). Before joining I was having a hard time because not a lot of people outside of the club are encouraged to be diverse. Tolerance and then acceptance and then encouragement.

-               Acknowledgement by the school. 

-               More advertised, not being proactive enough.

-               The speed dating thing was very awkward, it was not open for people who are not straight. What would they do if I sat in the men’s section? It was just for straight people.

-               I just wish that we just show good advertisements on the school, showing people are diverse who are successful.

-               Some people watch the school news, if we could implement it into people’s minds and there will be change.


8.           What have been the most positive things related to diversity that you have seen here at Snow College?

-               Acceptance is a positive aspect of diversity.  People who have knowledge increase acceptance. I look at everyone and they are trying to be the same as someone beside them.

-               We are different and we accept people who are different.  We see the world differently.  Our brain works differently.  We shouldn’t be the ones who are glorified. 

-               As a different person I love to be different. Scientists proved that straight and gay do not have different working brains. 


9.           What have been some challenges related to diversity that you have seen here at Snow College?

-               Just diversity challenges, there is a popular group at Snow and there is a lot of unacceptance if you’re not in their cookie cutter.  Specifically in the LDS culture.

-               We can kind of work around it, there is a lot of diversity. A lot of people our age don’t want to hear anything about it. I cannot think of a specific example.

-               The LDS stance on homosexuality is unclear with some students.


10.      How would you propose that Snow College increase diversity?

-               I mean increase diversity by getting it out there.  Getting more groups up and running for different people.

-               Wrong question, how can we allow it to be more open to diversity? It’s natural to have people who are different. It’s not necessarily a questions of how to increase diversity, but how to increase acceptance. 

-               I think people should just be more open to discussion.  Education about different groups of people, getting a dialogue started.  Introduce the topic into the class rooms.

-               More interchange between groups and clubs on campus.

-               More advertisements showing the diversity. 

-               Lots of groups are being bullied for their group.  All groups experience this and we need to tell them everyone is different in their own way.

-               We have a new gender studies class.  More classes that are similar to that. Orientation should have a section on diversity. Introduce ideas without hitting people over the head with it. 

-               Being visible without being in your face.