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Robert De Groff

Robert De Groff

Mezzotint Essentials… and Beyond

Join internationally renowned printmaker and Mezzotint Essentials author Robert De Groff in a one-week mezzotint workshop. Depending on prior experience and image size, participants will make one or two mezzotints, beginning with blank copper and ending with finished prints. Students will learn basic rocking techniques and image making strategies. The focus will be on pure traditional mezzotint, but more adventurous or experienced students will be encouraged to combine etching, soft ground, or engraving with mezzotint to create mixed-method mezzotints. The possibilities are endless! This workshop is open to all levels of experience.

Studio Fee: $50


Robert De Groff is an internationally renowned printmaker based in Spring City, Utah. His jewel-like prints have been exhibited and collected worldwide. Robert has been making mezzotints for over 30 years, and has recently compiled his accumulated knowledge of the medium in the book Mezzotint Essentials: Sensible Solutions for a Notoriously Difficult Medium. Mezzotint Essentials is only the second book in the past century to deal exclusively with mezzotint, and in the author’s humble opinion, it is the clearest, most accessible work ever written on the subject! In addition to mezzotint, Robert also specializes in traditional line engraving, which, like mezzotint, has a reputation as a fearsomely demanding medium (It’s not). In fact, Robert has been on a mission for most of his life to demystify printmaking and make it accessible and understandable to the average Joe or plain Jane.

Instagram: @robertsdegroff