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Dave Hyams

Dave Hyams

Unlocking and Understanding Digital Negatives for Handmade Prints

This workshop is designed to introduce artists to the exciting potential of using digital negatives from an inkjet printer to create handmade analog photographic prints of their work. We will use the week to identify the main goals of an efficient digital negative workflow: how to make the best-looking handmade prints possible with the equipment available. This is a hands-on workshop where participants will learn how to produce the most tones from your working process, how to optimize your image for your desired photographic technique. We will be using silver gelatin B&W photographic paper and cyanotype process, but the skills that we will build over the week will be applicable to creating targeted and calibrated digital negatives for other photographic and printmaking processes. We will focus on understanding the terminology surrounding digital negatives, creating handmade prints from a data driven, consistent approach that yields repeatable results of the highest quality. As a group we will build individual workflows for silver gelatin and cyanotype printing and create prints from them that show the true potential of the techniques and processes we use.

Studio Fee: $75


David Hyams is an artist and educator based in Salt Lake City, Utah. He has been using historical photographic processes and digital negatives to create photographic art works for two decades. David studied photography as an undergrad at Montana State University, and received an MFA from the Lesley College of Art & Design, and has continued to expand his knowledge of historic processes through his former position of workshop & darkroom manager at Bostick & Sullivan and the on-going operation of Luminaria SLC, a tintype studio and workshop space in Salt Lake City.