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Effective Management

Effective management is a seven part series designed to assist you in your desire to become a better manager. This course is for those in Management, HR, or Supervisors. Learn from these "How to..." workshops what it takes to really make your company grow and have all team members benefit from each other.


Instructor:  Josh Hales
Day(s): Thursdays
Date(s): January 27 - March 17 (No class on March 10)
Time: 12:30 -1:30 PM
Location: Hybrid Ephraim Campus Business Building Room 103 and online

Cost: $200 per student

Needed for Registration

CRN: 3162

Registration info and help, click here.

How to be a Great Leader

Class Description: 

Clayton Christensen has said the "Management is the most notable of professions if practiced well." But how do you know if you are practicing well? Fortunately, there are a few mindset shifts that can make a big difference in you leadership ability.

- What is the job of a leader?
- What is not the job of a leader?
- What makes a leader good?
- What makes a leader bad?


How to Build a Strong Culture

Class Description:

Feel like things don't go the way you want if you aren't around? If you build a strong team culture, things get done right without your constant oversight.

- What so you stand for?
- What are your norms?
- How do you create new norms?


How to Hire Great Employees, Even if You Aren't in a Well-known Organization

Class Description:

As the saying goes "Hire hard, manage easy." If you hire the right people, managing becomes much easier. This workshop will give you the tools to find and select the right people.

- Writing a good job description
- Getting a strong pool of applicants
- Selecting the best candidate


How to Get Your Employees to Work Hard (Without Making Them Hate You)

Class Description:

Want your employees to work hard? You can always use fear, but that isn't effective long term. The techniques in the workshop will help your employees work hard because the WANT to.

- Things that encourage employees to slack
- Things that encourage employees to work hard


How to Not Kill Your Employees: Safety and Wellness in the Workplace

Class Description:

Unfortunately, many common management practices unintentionally increase disease, injury, and even death among employees. This workshop will give you best practices to have healthier employees.

- Safety
- Return-to-work
- Burnout
- Wellness programs


How to Hold Others Accountable (Without Being a Jerk)

Class Description:

Sometimes those we work with aren't living up to their expectations. Some of us tear into that individual, and others ignore it because they don't want to create waves. Both approaches are wrong. This workshop gives a better way.

- Check your motives
- Set clear expectations
- Avoid the complement sandwich
- Communicate clearly
- Follow up and be consistent


How to Prevent Lawsuits From Your Employees

Class Description:

Employer lawsuits are on the rise. This workshop won't make you an attorney, but it will give you some basic best practices that will give you a better chance of preventing lawsuits.

- Disability
- Discrimination
- Retaliation
- Due Process