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Math Department General Education

Which classes do you take to fulfill your math GE?

As stated in the catalog:

Complete one of the following with a 1.6 or better:

MATH 1030 Quantitative Literacy
MATH 1040 Elementary Statistics
MATH 1050 College Algebra
(An ACT Math score of 28 or higher will waive the MATH GE requirement.)

Any MATH course of at least three credits which requires MATH 1050 as a prerequisite.

These 3 main courses all require Math 1011 as a prerequisite. This is equivalent to 2 successful years of High School Algebra.

BUT...which one should you take? It depends heavily on your major and/or the school you are transferring to.

Stay in close contact with your advisor or ask the math department by emailing ude.wons@nesdlonra.irak, for more advice.

Here are a few general guidelines that should help:

You take whichever course you need according to what your major requires.
That generally translates into: Math 1030 for Humanities majors; Math 1040 for Social Science majors; and Math 1050 for Business, Education, and Science majors.

Exceptions: We plead again--Please stay in contact with your advisor and transferring institution as the following example portrays. Nursing students can take any one of the three main math classes if they are transferring to SLCC, but if they transfer to UVSC they need to take Math 1050 and other schools for nursing majors requires that they take Math 1040.
See the problem? Call your advisor.