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Math Engineering Majors

Which math classes do you need to take for your major? Some classes all engineers take. Other classes are only required for certain kinds of engineering specialties. Use this as a guide, but stay in close contact with your transferring school and with your advisor: Brian Newbold or Garth Sorenson Here we (math department) give you our best shot at telling you which classes you need and when to take them.

For All Engineering Majors

Fall Year 1
Math 1210
Spring Year 1
Math 1220, Math 2270

Fall Year 2 Math 2210 (not for civil, environmental, or chemical)
Spring Year 2 Math 2250, Math 2280

Special Notes

Math 2270 & Math 2280 are only available during Spring semester. It takes good planning to get everything in when you need it. Math 2250 is a combination of parts of Math 2270 and Math 2280. Check with your advisor to see if you can take Math 2250 or if you should take Math 2270 and Math 2280 separetely.