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1040 (Intro to Stats) 1050 (College Alg) 1060 (Trig) 1210 (Calc I)
Sampling and Data Equations and Inequalities Angles and Trig Functions Functions
Descriptive Statistics Relations, Functions, and Graphing Graphs and Trig Functions Limits and Continuity
Probability Polynomial and Rational Functions Trig Identities Differentiation
Discrete Random Variables Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Conditional Trig Equations Derivative Applications
Continuous Random Variables Systems of Equations and Inequalities Trig Applications Integration
Normal Distribution Matrices Complex Numbers Definite Integral Applications
Central Limit Theorem Conic Sections Polar Coordinates
Confidence Intervals - One Sample Sequences and Series Parametric Equations
Confidence Intervals - Two Samples
Hypothesis Testing - One Sample
Hypothesis Testing - Two Samples
Chi-Square Distribution
Linear Regression and Correlation
Hypothesis Test - Linear Regression and Correlation
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