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Snow College Personnel Policies
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Section 9.22 Environmental Impact Policy

9.22 Environmental Impact  (PDF)

Section 13 Definitions
(Currently not included)

Section 13.1. Snow College Personnel Policy

13.1.1. Snow College Personnel System (PDF)
13.1.2. Statement of equal Employment Opportunity/Affiramtive Action Policy,
            Application and Purposes   (PDF)
13.1.3. Confidentiality and Employee Access to Records  (PDF)
13.1.4. Changing or Establishing General Personnel Policies (PDF)
13.1.5. Alcohol and Drug Free Work Place (All Employees)   (PDF)
13.1.6. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) (All Employees)  PDF)
13.1.7. Sexual Harassment (All Employees)  (PDF)

Section 13.2. Employment Policies (Faculty and Staff)

13.2.1. Employment Policies (Faculty and Staff)  (PDF)
13.2.2. Criminal Background Checks  (PDF) 
13.2.3. Classification Procedure (Staff Only) (PDF) 
13.2.4. Disciplinary Sanctions of Staff Personnel (PDF) 
13.2.5. Reduction In Force/Layoffs (Staff Only)  (PDF)
13.2.6. Nepotism (All Employees)  (PDF)
13.2.7. Payroll Action Requests (All Employees) (PDF) 
13.2.8. Performance Evaluation (Faculty and Regular Staff) (PDF)  
13.2.9. Probationary Period (Staff Only)  (PDF)
13.2.10. Promotions and Transfers (All Employees) (PDF)  
13.2.11. Rest Breaks (Staff Only)  (PDF)
13.2.12. Student Hourly - Wage Personnel (PDF)  
13.2.13. Notice of Termination of Employment (Staff Only)  (PDF)   
13.2.14. Payment in Lieu of Notice of Termination (Staff Only)  (PDF)   
13.2.15. Working Hours (Staff Only)  (PDF)  
13.2.16. Hourly Payroll Procedures  (PDF)
13.2.17. Extra, Overload and Overtime Compensation (Salaried Employees Only)  (PDF)
13.2.18. Supplemental and Extended Appointments (Salaried Employees)  (PDF)
13.2.19. Consulting, Public Service & Other Employment (PDF)

Section 13.3. Leave Policies (Salaried Employees Only)

13.3.1 Funeral Leave (Salaried Staff Only) (PDF)
13.3.2. Holidays (Salaried Staff Only) (PDF)
13.3.3. Jury and Witness Leave (All Employees) (PDF)

13.3.4. Leave Without Pay (Salaried Staff Only) (PDF)

13.3.5. Military Leave (All Employees) (PDF)
13.3.6. Sick Leave (Salaried Staff Only)  (PDF)
13.3.7. Sick Leave Conversion (Salaried Staff Only) (PDF)
13.3.8. Special Leave With Pay (Salaried Staff Only) (PDF)
13.3.9. Vacation Leave (Salaried Staff Only) (PDF)
13.3.10. Coordination of Disability Benefits (Salaried Employees Only) 
13.3.11. Family and Medical Leave Act Policy (FMLA) (PDF)
13.3.12. Faculty Leave for Extended Illness (PDF)

Section 13.4. Employee Privileges

13.4.1. Athletic Events, Concerts, Lyceums, Plays, Musicals, and Other Cultural Events (Identification Cards) (PDF)
13.4.2. Tuition Reduction (Salaried Employees Only) (PDF)
13.4.3. Part-Time Employee Privileges (PDF)

Section 13.5. Programs & Payroll Information (All Employees)

13.5.1. W-4 Form, I-9; Beneficiary Designations, Voluntary Deductions,
           Payment Options, W-2's (All Employees) (PDF)
13.5.2. Garnishments (All Employees)  (PDF)
13.5.3. Pay Periods (All Employees)  (PDF)
13.5.4. Retirement Systems (Salaried Employees Only)  (PDF)
13.5.5. Early Retirement Program (All Eligible Employees)  (PDF)
13.5.6. Early Retirement Program (All Eligible Employees)  (PDF)
13.5.7. Travel Expenses (All Employees)   (PDF)
13.5.8. Workers Compensation (All Employees) (PDF)
13.5.9. Unemployment Compensation (All Employees Except Students) (PDF) 
13.5.10. Death Benefits  (PDF)
13.5.11.Qualifications & Wages for Substitutes (SCR Staff Only)  (PDF)

13.5.12 Gifts and Awards Policy  (PDF)

Section 13.6. General Information (All Employees)

13.6.1. College Property (All Employees)   [Under Revision]
13.6.2. Conflict of Interest (Ethics) (All Employees)  (PDF)
13.6.3. Outside Employment (All Full-Time Employees 75% FTE or More) (PDF)
13.6.4. Personnel Records (All Employees) (PDF)
13.6.5. Safety (All Employees) (PDF)
13.6.6. Professional Development (Staff) (PDF)
13.6.7. Solicitation of Employees (All Employees) (PDF)
13.6.8. Technology Acceptable Use Policy  (PDF)
13.6.9.  Employee Conduct (PDF)
13.6.10. Employee Performance (PDF)

Section 13.7. Discrimination/Grievance Complaint Procedure

13.7.1. Discrimination/Grievance Procedure Procedure (All Employees)  (PDF)
13.7.2. Grievance Procedure (Regular Staff Only)  (PDF)

Section 15.1 Faculty Hiring, Review, and Governance Policies (Faculty Only)

15.1: Faculty Professional Responsibility & Standards of Conduct  (PDF)
15.2: Academic Due Process: Sanctions and Hearing Procedures ( PDF)
15.3: Academic Due Process: Grievances (PDF)
15.4: Academic Workload Document  (PDF)
15.5: Academic Program Review (PDF)
15.6: Guide to Faculty Reviews (PDF)
15.7: Guide to Part-Time Reviews (PDF)
15.8: Adjunct Hiring Procedure (PDF)
15.9: Faculty Senate By-Laws (PDF)
15.10: Faculty Advancement and Tenure (PDF)
15.11: Professional Track, Non-Tenure Promotion  (PDF)
15.12: Curriculum Committee By-Laws (PDF)

Section 17.0 Advancement Office Policies & Procedures

17.0   Snow College Office of Advancement Gift Acceptance Policies and Procedures (PDF)
17.1   Advancement Office- General Guidelines and Policies (PDF)
17.2   Procedures for Soliciting Gifts (PDF)
17.3   Reviewing and Accepting Gifts (PDF)
17.4   Who Can Accept a Gift (PDF)
17.5   Gift Types, Terms and Definitions (PDF)
17.6   Reporting Gifts (PDF)
17.7   Mail Handling Guidelines for Gifts of Cash (PDF)
17.8   Acknowledging/Receipting Gifts (PDF)
17.9   Grant Requests on Behalf of the College (PDF)
17.10  Snow College Foundation Donor Recognition Policy (PDF)

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